SocialEx is a social networking app made in India which provides a variety of services so that you can carefully sift through and use it in a manner that optimises the value you receive.

SocialEx is a mobile platform which provides valuable information based on user’s interest and helps in developing meaningful connections. Keeping in mind the users time and availability we have developed certain features which keeps user in control of their feed and network and keep them productive instead of mindless scrolling. Some of the features are: –

1. Bird Eye View: Customise your home feed with a single tap and avoid mindless scrolling

2. Private mode: Follow your interests without any interruptions in this mode. You will only see your interests and the people you are following.

3. Goals: Set your goals with the deadline and SocialEX will help you in achieving that goal with the right content and relevant information for you within 72 hours.

4. Chat Box for live chats, location, contact, documents and photo sharing.

5. Instant and short duration (24 hours) information in Story, short communication as Status and sharing of information in blog through contents, photos and 60 second videos.

We have taken a lot of steps to keep user privacy and their data safe. To get authentic data for our users we have introduced reward points for each user based on the number of shares, likes and comments they receive. These reward points can easily be used for various offers and discounts which we will be offering soon on our platform.

Until that time follow your interests, stay productive, make some awesome content and keep collecting your reward points.

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